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Description: Ingredients
Wheat, Meat Meal, Wheatfeed, Oils & Fats, Linseed, Maize, Beet Pulp, Peas, Lucerne, Vitamins and Minerals. Added Citrus, Yeast and Yucca. With Antioxidant: BHT.

Typical Analysis
Protein 23.00%
Oil 8.00%
Fibre 3.00%
Ash 8.00%


Registered: October 2005
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Review Date: Sun January 13, 2008 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: Not Indicated | Rating: 0 

Cons: Inadequate meat content, meat and fat of unidentifiable origin, low quality grains, chemical preservative

The main ingredients are low quality grains. Wheat is believed by many to be the leading cause of food allergies in dogs, and in wheatfeed form, this is a grain fragment we consider primarily filler. Wheatfeed is a byproduct (think floorsweepings) of processing wheat for human foods - that is, the remainder of the grain after the nutritious bits have been removed for other purposes. Maize (corn) is a difficult to digest grain of limited value, and which is also commonly associated with food allergies in dogs. Even if these had been decent quality grains, we would still note that this food is based heavily on grains which are an unnatural foodstuff for canines. Dog foods should be based on meat.

The first meat ingredient is meat meal, second on the ingredient list. This is a low quality meat product. "Meat" could be anything and ingredients of unidentifiable species and source are usually of very low quality. It is the sole meat product in the food.

The fat and oil content of the food is undisclosed and, as the meat ingredient above, is likely to be of very low quality. Beet pulp is controversial filler. It is a by-product, being dried residue from sugar beets which has been cleaned and extracted in the process of manufacturing sugar. It is a controversial ingredient in dog food, claimed by some manufacturers to be a good source of fibre, and derided by others as an ingredient added to slow down the transition of rancid animal fats and causing stress to kidney and liver in the process. We note that beet pulp is an ingredient that commonly causes problems for dogs, including allergies and ear infections, and prefer not to see it used in dog food. There are less controversial products around if additional fibre is required.

The food has added vitamins and minerals, but no information about these is given and it may contain synthetics. The food uses chemical preservatives. BHT is banned or heavily regulated in human food due to the belief that it is carcinogenic.

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