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Description: Energy value S.t.q.: Kcal/100g 486, Kj/100g 2020.

Ingredients: specially toasted bread, white meat (chicken or turkey), fat and white meat stock, fish oil (Omega 3 and 6), sunflower seed oil, vegetable products, beetroot pulp, fish (fresh, cooked at a low temperature), mineral substances (including zeolite), egg (yoke), yeasts ,enzymes (vegetal and dairy-cheese), seaweed for a shiny coat, nose, eyes and mucous membrane), vegetables (garlic, carrots), conservatives and antioxidants: natural vegetal Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Supplements per KG.:
Protected vitamin A U.I. 25.000,
Protected vitamin D3 U.I. 2.000,
Protected vitamin E (alphatocopherol 91%) 150mg..,
Vitamin B1 10 mg.,
Vitamin B2 20 mg.,
Vitamin B6 7.5mg.,
Vitamin B12 150 mg.,
Vitamin C 150 mg.,
Vitamin K 100 mg.,
Vitamin PP 25 mg.,
Folic acid 1.5mg.,
D-biotin 350 mg.,
D-pantothenic acid 30mg.,
Choline chloride 750 mg.,
Iron (ferrous fumarase) 25 mg.,
Iron (ferric oxide) 100 mg.,
Copper (copper sulphate pent.) 27 mg.,
Manganese (manganese oxide) 42 mg.,
Cobalt (cobalt sulphate) 1.5 mg.,
Iodine (Potassium iodide) 4.4 mg.,
Zinc (zinc oxide) 205mg,
Selenium (sodium selenite) 5mg.,
L-lysine 100 mg.,
DL-methionine 255 mg.

Chemical Analysis S.t.q.:
Unprocessed protein 21.00%,
Unprocessed fats 13.50%,
Unprocessed cellulose 2.30%,
Unprocessed waxes 8.00%,
Calcium 1.20%,
Phosphorous 0.80%.

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