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Description: Ingredients
flaked barley; poultry meal; extruded cereal chunks; flaked maize; flaked peas; flaked soya; fishmeal; mollases; linseed oil; vitamins & minerals

Nutritional Information
Protein, 20%;
oil, 5%;
fibre, 3.5%;
ash, 7%;
calcium, 1.6%;
Phospherous, 1%;
copper, 20mg/kg;
zinc, 100mg/kg;
selinium, 0.3 mg/kg;
vitaminA, 10,000i.u./kg;
vitamin D3, 1,500i.u./kg;
vitamin E, 50i.u./kg


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Review Date: Mon March 24, 2008 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: Not Indicated | Rating: 0 

Cons: Insufficient meat content, low quality grains, sugar

The first ingredient in this food is a grain. Barley is a decent quality grain, but still a grain which is an unnatural foodstuff for a canine. Dog food products should be based on meat, not on grains.

The second ingredient is the main meat product in the food. Poultry meal is a meat meal product but is not one named by species. This is a concern as it makes it impossible to identify the source, quality or consistency of the ingredient. Ingredients of unidentifiable source are usually very low quality, cheap ingredients and are not found in higher quality products. Only second on the ingredient list, we have little confidence that the product contains adequate meat.

There is a further meat meal ingredient 7th on the ingredient list. This is far too far down to make a substantial contribution to the overall meat content of the food. We note this is a fish meal ingredient, but find no sign on the manufacturer's site that all protein ingredients purchased are preserved with substances other than ethoxyquin (ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative, commonly added to fish meal ingredients, but that is banned or heavily regulated in human food due to the belief that it is carcinogenic).

Extruded "cereal chunks" could be anything. It is likely to be byproducts (think floorsweepings) of human food production. None of these are identified by type and may vary. Miaze (corn) is a difficult to digest grain of limited value in dog food. It is also commonly linked to food allergies.

Molasses is an unneccessary source of sugar that we do not like to see in dog food products. No information is given about the added vitamins and minerals, which may include synthetics.

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